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Pinnacle Investments is composed of a hard-working team that relentlessly sources off-market commercial real estate with tenant demand and strong cash flow. Pinnacles advantage is our ability to source opportunity. In order to do this we: 

  • Continue to build a specialized outbound origination program.

  • Leverage already established relationships with owners

  • Tirelessly reach out to banks & foreclosure departments

  • Enhance visibility with commercial real estate brokers through the Fund’s ability to close quickly with cash

  • Specialize market focus

  • Implement dedicated large-scale source teams

  • Create visibility with auction opportunities

  • Maintain consistent dialogue with key prospects and sources

  • Enhance well-tailored technology platforms

Privately funded, with no pressure from outside investors, Pinnacle Investments benefits from unique flexibility in both deal structure and hold period. This allows us to make better decisions in times of crisis and endure short-term market fluctuations. Real estate is cyclical, and we are in it for the long term.


Taken together, we have built a series of robust, tangible differentiators that distinguish us from other real estate investment firms.

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