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Our investors benefit from owning a diversified portfolio of manufactured housing communities and Self storage Facilities that provides an attractive total return and consistent income. 


Our boutique investments opportunity is structured so that our accredited investors can achieve attractive rates of return on their investment and partake in all the tax advantages of owning commercial real estate. Our accredited investors receive a 8% preferred return quarterly and large portion of all profit made from the investments.


We are currently raising for one off investment opportunities. 

When you invest with us you get our management team. We have a strong track record of unlocking real estate value through repositioning. We continually asks questions about an asset, such as whether it is performing at market rate, what its potential value is, and how it can be improved to increase financial performance. The answers to these questions inform decisions about which management approach will realize the best potential value of the asset. These decisions, combined with our depth of market knowledge, allow us to capitalize on the highest and best use of our properties based on their location and market fundamentals. This, in turn, will translate to higher real estate value.

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